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Methods of Passing a Hair Drug Test

Many organizations across the globe have a policy where the employees working there are restricted from using certain recreational drugs which are likely to affect their ability to perform their duties effectively. There are several types of drugs that agencies have warned their workers against using which include marijuana because it has the ability to affect the normal thought process and make a person lose focus as well as cocaine, heroin, and other hard drugs which make people using them to act in irrational ways.

The existence of employees who are not willing to adhere to agency regulations whereby they go ahead and use the drugs they have been asked not to use has necessitated that the agencies carry out tests for drugs on their workers to ensure that no one uses the substances.

The most common drug tests have included using urine samples while other companies have gone for the better choice of testing for drugs in the hair of workers because it is easier to find traces of the drug substances in hair compared to urine.

The success of hair drug tests comes from the fact that the process of hair growth is supported by the presence of blood at the hair follicles which supplies any drug metabolites into the hair such that they can be discovered later after testing. There exist moments in life where you get the urge to consume some drugs for purposes of getting your mind off of the stressful events in life while you also do not want to risk getting exposed by a hair drug test. When you have such a temptation, you can use the drugs because there are things you can do to prevent the substances from being discovered in your hair.

The macujo method is one of the widely used processes of passing a hair drug test with its success owing to the fact that this procedure creates a higher permeability for your hair cuticles in such a way that they lose any chemical components that make up the banned drug substances. The following are some steps that you must follow when you embark on the process of cleansing your hair to remove traces of drugs.

The first thing is to stop consuming the drugs days before embarking on the process. When you begin, wet your hair sufficiently and then add a sensible amount of Heinz vinegar that you can massage in the hair and scalp after which you can add a good amount of pink clean and clear so that you massage both substances into the hair. Leave the massaged mixture on your hair for some time before you start removing it with the use of Nexxus aloe rid shampoo after which you would have completed the process.

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